Penndel PA Lawyer Timothy Kolman

Penndel, located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States, is a borough in the southeastern part of the state. It is a part of the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. With roots dating back to the 19th century, the borough was initially named "Attleboro" before adopting the name Penndel.

The community has a small size and a predominantly residential character, contributing to the overall suburban network in Bucks County. Transportation is facilitated by well-connected roads, including major highways like Route 1 and I-95, providing easy access to nearby towns and Philadelphia.

The local economy is diverse, featuring a mix of small businesses, services, and retail establishments. Employment opportunities and economic landscapes can vary, subject to local developments. Timothy Kolman operates his law firm in Penndel and has been at this location for over 10 years.

Educationally, Penndel may have its own school district or be part of a larger school district in Bucks County. Parks, recreational areas, and community events enhance the quality of life in Penndel. There are numerous qualified Penndel  PA Lawyers with years of experience, that can help you with your case.

With its own local government structure, including a mayor and borough council, Penndel manages its affairs independently. Demographic information, such as population size, age distribution, and ethnic makeup, can be obtained through census data or local government sources.

Local attractions, parks, and historical sites may be present based on the size and amenities of Penndel. For the latest and most specific information, including recent developments or changes, it is recommended to check with local government offices, community organizations, or local news sources.